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When your teeth aren’t as white as they should be, they can have a major effect on your self-confidence. With yellow, dull teeth you may be less likely to open your mouth to speak in a business meeting or less likely to smile on a date. It may sound a bit silly, but a beautiful smile is truly important to overall self-confidence and your personal appearance, and the whiteness of your teeth is an important part of that.

People often try using teeth whitening kits at home with mixed results. For some people, whitening trays purchased at the grocery store can have an instant effect, but for most, this effect doesn’t last and can be uneven. Particularly if you have one or more capped teeth or teeth that were once chipped and fixed by a dentist, these in-store teeth whitening products will likely result in some of your teeth being whiter than others, an effect that can be even worse than slightly yellow teeth.

Our Products Help You Achieve a Beautiful Smile

At Brite Clean Smiles, we use professional teeth whitening products and tools to help you achieve an even and beautiful smile. Our tools are effective at removing deep stains that you may have struggled with for years, not just surface stains. With our processes, you can walk in with a dull smile and walked out with teeth that are several shades whiter in just an hour or so. Whether you’d like your teeth whitened once for a particular occasion or are interested in regular teeth whitening services to help keep your smile as beautiful as possible, the professionals at Brite Clean Smiles can provide you with the self-confidence that a brighter, whiter smile creates.

If you have capped teeth or dental implants, our whitening professionals can also help you achieve a whiter smile that will be even and natural looking. Caps and chipped teeth that have been fixed by a dentist usually do not stain in the same way that the natural teeth do. As a result, they also do not whiten the same way. This makes whitening your teeth at home simply impossible, but that isn’t the case for the whitening professionals at Brite Clean Smiles. Here, we use the best teeth whitening products to examine the shade of your caps and do our best to match that shade in the rest of your teeth.

We also have the resources to help you remove deep stains in your teeth that you may have been embarrassed by for years. Whether you’re a smoker, a coffee drinker, or a soda drinker, the unattractive brown stains that can develop on your teeth as a result of these habits don’t stand a chance against our professional whitening services. You don’t have to give up your daily cup of coffee in order to have a whiter smile. Call 949-777-1005 now and we will show you just how affordable and effective professional teeth whitening services can be.

Keeping Your Smile Beautiful For Life.