Adult Dental Services
Children Dental Services
Professional Teeth Whitening
Get results you'll love with Brite Clean Smiles' teeth cleaning services and no-hassle dental exams.
Adult Dental Services
Avoid an unnecessary trip to the dentist by visiting our office for your next teeth cleaning or to receive a second opinion.
Children Dental Services
Whether your child needs a teeth cleaning or sealants, our center offers convenient treatment options.
Professional Teeth Whitening
Get a beautiful, brilliant smile with teeth whitening treatments that are simple, yet effective.

Brite Clean Smiles

Aside from Teeth Cleaning and Whitening services Brite Clean Smiles offers all aspects of dental services including dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, porcelain veneers, and smile make over, deep cleanings as well as gum therapy, sports guards, night guards, sleep apnea  and snoring appliances, and let’s not forget teeth cleanings and teeth whitening.

Teeth Cleaning for Adults & Children

Our highly trained, professional and friendly staff will provide you with a thorough unhurried yet gentle laser teeth cleaning in an hour.

Our model offers easy access without the wait. So if you are looking for a thorough gentle cleaning, teeth whitening, or a second opinion before you get any major expensive dental treatment we are the place you should consider to visit first. Our second opinions are unbiased and thorough.

Make It A Spa Day! Make your smile beautiful by visiting our professional and affordable dental office in the Orange County area; with a convenient location serving Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Newport Coast, Corona del Mar, Irvine, Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley, and Santa Ana   – Come visit our relaxing dental office even your kids will love!

Highest quality laser teeth cleaning & teeth whitening services near you!

Equipped with the latest technology and only high-quality service standards, our team of professionals will perform laser teeth cleaning and up-keeping services. Laser teeth cleanings are necessary to decrease the amount of bacteria in your mouth, which reduces your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and many other ailments.

For a peaceful night’s sleep, you can  also get our oral cancer screening service, as you know today prevention is key and with us you are on the right track. Start taking steps towards your health today by calling this number: 949-777-1005

At Brite Clean Smiles we offer  special fees for our new patients; Additionally when you get your teeth cleanings at Brite Clean smiles on regular basis we add a complimentary teeth whitening treatment here in Newport Beach , Costa Mesa and Irvine areas

Just ask. Only top-of-the  line value; a laser teeth cleaning service,  teeth whitening service, take home teeth whitening,  gum therapy and deep cleaning, dental x-rays, dental checkupsealants for children, snoring devices, and custom sports guards are some of the exciting services that we offer that are focused on prevention and your overall health and better quality of life

The relaxing atmosphere in our offices will make you feel like you are visiting a spa, where you are treated more like a guest rather than a patient. What better way to take a break from your busy day.

To live prosperous and happy life prevention is the first step and is our number one priority, so call Brite Clean Smiles to schedule your laser teeth cleaning appointment

Our professional team offer free advice upon examination on how to keep your teeth in good condition and teach our children how to take care of theirs. You will leave with information to give to your regular doctor, escaping unwanted and unnecessary costs that are preventable by our unbiased free second doctor opinions.

If you are wondering what is the cost of visiting Brite Clean Smiles, you’ll be happy to find out that Your Dental PPO Insurance covers most of our services at a 100%, with no out of pocket costs to you! . Our free second opinions are just part of the deal! Only quality referrals are made, keeping Your interests in mind, since a Beautiful & Happy Smile is what we guarantee at Brite Clean Smiles. This is just what we do. Keeping you happy is our motto.

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Brite Clean Smiles is dedicated to making you beautiful and happy by giving you all the tools you need for that perfectly beautiful smile. Did we mention our second opinions are always free? Why go spend thousands on getting dental work done when you can deal with just the maintenance.

Your health is your most valuable asset; you should take good care of it. The return on this investment is a beautiful and happy smile that will last you a lifetime.

Feel free to contact our professional staff at a convenient time for you. Brite Clean Smiles is the only doctors’ checkup you will need for keeping that smile like you – Beautiful

Keeping Your Smile Beautiful For Life

At Brite Clean Smiles we offer the following services: