Snoring can be a major problem for adults. When we sleep, the muscles in our throat relax, causing our airway to become slightly constricted. In certain people, the airway becomes so constricted that the velocity at which air is pushed through the throat causes the uvula and soft palate to vibrate. These vibrations cause the sound of snoring. It’s estimated by the National Sleep Foundation that 90 million Americans are snorers, and when you take into account their spouses and children, that means that about 160 million Americans are negatively affected by snoring.

Over the years, surgical options have been developed to help treat snoring, but these options are invasive, expensive, and have only a moderate success rate of 20-40%. For most people who snore, the most effective solution is a custom-made snoring appliance. Snoring appliances can be crafted by a dentist to fit within your mouth while you sleep like a night guard or a retainer. The way dental snoring appliances are designed, they help open up your airways by pushing your lower jaw slightly forward. This allows people who snore to sleep in a comfortable and relaxed position free from the noise and annoyance of snoring.

While some people feel that snoring has no major effect on their life – after all, they can’t hear themselves snore when they’re asleep – studies have shown that snoring can actually increase blood pressure to an unsafe level, among creating other health concerns. Sleep apnea – a condition in which the tongue blocks the airway entirely for a period of ten seconds or more during sleep – also has potentially serious medical consequences that can be addressed via dental appliances for snoring.

Determining if a Snoring Aid is Right for You

When you visit our office, we will assess your individual situation and help you determine whether a snoring appliance might be a good choice for you. If such an appliance is recommended, our dentist can create a mold of your mouth from which to fabricate a custom-made appliance. Snoring appliances that are made by dentists are found to be much more effective at treating snoring than treatments that can be found in stores. This is because snoring treatments designed specifically for your mouth provide you with a personalized, professional treatment solution.

If your snoring is keeping your spouse awake or if it is simply time for a routine checkup, an appointment with Brite Clean Smiles is a great way to improve your oral and overall health.

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