A free second opinion that will save you a fortune!

Brite Clean Smiles is an excellent resource for second opinion consultations. Just consider this hypothetical situation:

You’ve visited your regular dentist and they have recommended that you should get a root canal. They tell you that after glancing at your dental x-rays, they see signs of decay and insists that you receive treatment as soon as possible or you’ll risk further damage.

You want to trust your dentist, but you haven’t been experiencing any pain in your mouth and have never had serious tooth problems before. Plus, you really don’t want to dish out all that money for a procedure that you’re not sure you need. What should you do?

Situations like this are an excellent opportunity to turn to Brite Clean Smiles. At our dental practice, we have no vested interest in recommending dental procedures that you don’t actually need. This means that you can come to us for a second opinion that is completely unbiased and fair. Once your visit is complete, we refer you back to your dentist for treatment. Our only interest is your oral health.


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