Digital X-rays in Costa Mesa

Dental x-rays are a safe and extremely helpful tool for monitoring your oral health. Recommended for both children and adults, x-rays can reveal hidden problems within your teeth and below your gum line that simply can’t be seen by the naked eye. Without digital dental x-rays, many problems that could be easily treated if caught early can become major issues. When you visit the team of Costa Mesa dentists at Brite Clean Smiles for a cleaning and checkup, your x-rays will be a routine part of your examination.

Your dentist will examine the x-ray thoroughly, looking for any potential problems. Issues that can crop up on an x-ray include: unseen decay between the teeth, within the teeth, under crowns and fillings, as well as below the gum line. A cyst or abscess at the root end, as well as tumors, can also be seen only on digital X-rays.

Are Digital  X-rays Safe?

Yes! Thanks to modern medical technology, dental x-ray machines are extremely safe. With new digital sensors that capture the image rather than old fashion film, you get 75-90% less radiation exposure than the old days. The amount of radiation that you’d be exposed to during dental x-rays is less than you’d be exposed to on an airplane flight from Los Angeles to New York. This minimal amount of exposure poses far fewer risks than not receiving regular dental x-rays.


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