Teeth Cleaning for Children

Teeth Cleaning for Children

Keeping Your Smile Beautiful For Life.

Teaching your child good oral hygiene as early as possible is the best way to help ensure that they have a healthy smile for decades to come. As soon as your child starts to get their first tooth, it’s time to start brushing. Here are some tips for at-home and in-office dental care for your children.

Brushing at Home

Most children start to get their first tooth around six months of age. As soon as teeth start to show, it’s a good idea to start brushing your children’s teeth for them. Once they become a bit more dexterous, your children can brush their teeth on their own using a child’s soft bristled toothbrush and a pea sized amount of children’s toothpaste (do not give your children adult toothpaste with harsh ingredients or whitening products).  With particularly young children, it’s a good idea to brush their teeth again after they’ve brushed them once to help ensure that those back teeth stay nice and clean.

Making brushing part of your morning and evening routine will teach your child good brushing habits right from the start. Add a little fun to the mix by singing them a song as you brush their teeth or brushing your own teeth alongside your child. If your child is resistant to brushing their teeth, showing them how much you enjoy the activity can help spur their interest.

Brushing teeth immediately before bed is a great way to not only improve your children’s oral health but also build a nighttime routine that will help them get to sleep easier. Buying a toothbrush with a fun character on it is also a great way to build your child’s enthusiasm for brushing their teeth.

Regular Cleanings at Your Costa Mesa Dental Office

At Brite Clean Smiles, our Costa Mesa and Newport Beach dentists provide children with a comfortable and relaxing environment in which to get their teeth cleaned. Children’s teeth decay much more easily than adult teeth, so it is vitally important to have a routine exam and teeth cleaning every three to six months. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children see a dentist as soon as they get their first tooth and no later than one year of age. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that the first visit should be before age three unless the child has significant risk factors for tooth decay and other dental problems.

Whichever school of thought you adhere to, bringing your child in sooner than later is a great way for you to learn how to properly care for your child’s oral health at home. One of our Costa Mesa dentists can examine your child’s teeth and provide you tips and advice for keeping their teeth and gums healthy. A visit to the dentist’s office early is also particularly important if other family members are prone to cavities or if your child sleeps with a sippy cup or bottle, has teeth staining, or sucks their thumb.

Schedule an appointment online with Brite Clean Smiles today to help keep your child’s smile sparkling. Your child will love the comfortable environment that we offer, and you’ll love our quality services.