Prophylaxis ,Teeth Cleaning for Adults

Teeth Cleaning for AdultsProphylaxis (Teeth Cleaning)

Dental prophylaxis also known as teeth cleaning is important for your overall health; our dental hygienist will clean your teeth and gums thoroughly to insure no gum disease such as gingivitis is present.

It is important to know that gum disease can’t be reversed by twice a year teeth cleanings; however it is essential to stop the disease from further progression. According to the ADA it is recommended that patients with gum disease have their teeth cleaned {Dental Prophylaxis} once every 3- 4 months rather than twice a year

With Dental Prophylaxis {teeth cleaning} we remove plaque and tartar above and below the gum line, {none of which can be removed effectively with home care}, which are a major culprits for gum disease.

Once all the plaque and tartar is removed your teeth will be polished with a professional tooth paste to remove surface stains. With just a simple cleaning, you’ll leave with whiter teeth than you came in with. However, if you have deep staining or would like your teeth to be even whiter, we can also provide you with professional teeth whitening services. Our dentists have all the necessary skills and tools to provide you with a whiter and brighter smile

Laser Teeth Cleaning

Laser Teeth Cleaning is another way to lower the amount of bacteria in the gum thus minimizing these microbes to travel through the blood stream, this is important for patients that have gum disease as well as systemic disease such as diabetes , heart disease and other circulatory problems.

Why Regular Teeth Cleanings

Research has shown a relationship between poor oral hygiene or gum disease and other systemic ailments such as heart disease, diabetes, stokes and much more. Infection due to bacteria in your gums causes a systemic inflammatory response. Studies have linked vascular   and heart disease to this inflammatory response, such toxins also can reach the brain and other vital organs in the body

Therefore a regular teeth cleaning {dental prophylaxis} with oral irrigation is advantageous to flush any toxins within the gum pockets; other recommendations might include Arestin placement or Laser treatment as well – our team of professionals will discuss and recommend what is best for your overall health

Oral Irrigation and Teeth Cleaning

Oral irrigation is used as a way to clean teeth and gums, by reaching 3–4 mm under the gum line. When applied under the gum, the directed stream of fluid   will disrupts plaque and bacteria, and flush out any remaining tartar or bacteria. There are several different solutions that can be used to irrigate with, but Chlorhexidine (antibiotic) is the most common.

Oral irrigation is the treatment of choice to manage gingivitis and bad breath

Pregnancy and Regular Teeth Cleanings

Did you know that expecting mothers are more prone to develop gingivitis? With gingivitis you can have toxins or microorganisms in your gums that can cause premature, low weight births.

That is why we recommend more frequent teeth cleanings in addition to oral irrigation and or laser gum treatment to prevent such toxins to affect your unborn baby

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