Sports Guards

Sports Guards

Dentists at Brite Clean Smiles can provide you with custom-made sports guards that will help protect your teeth and keep your smile beautiful no matter what sport you play. It’s estimated that about five million teeth get knocked out during sporting events every year. The cost of replacing or fixing a knocked out or chipped tooth is about twenty times higher than the cost of a custom-made sports guard. Protect your oral health and your smile by making an appointment to receive a custom-made sports guard as soon as possible.

Many people may be wondering what’s the difference between a night guard and a sports guard , and if you can use one for the other , the answer is no , because a night guard  protects the teeth from clenching and grinding during sleep, however a sport guard is  used during most sports activities  to protect his teeth from being damaged from a physical blow to the face or an accident. A sport’s mouth guard is  made from a thicker material  given its purpose, it is made to extend to cover the entire jaw, even the gum issue so that the entire mouth can be protected.

When an athlete has his mouth guards made, he can make a decision to incorporate his team colors with the appliance or even the team logo or sign. Sports guards may be fabricated so that it is part of the team uniform. There are different dyes that may be added to the acrylic material, so that some color may be incorporated.

When you make an appointment for a teeth cleaning with Brite Clean Smiles, you can ask for a sports guard as well. Mouth guards take only an hour to make and can be completed while you wait. Your dentist will simply take a mold of your mouth and craft a custom laminated, professional-grade mouth guard from the mold. The sports guard that you’ll be left with will be the type of protection that is used by professional athletes.

Of course, you can also buy sports guards from sporting goods stores, but these are much less effective at protecting your teeth and can actually be a bit harmful. This is because mouth guards that are not custom fabricated are usually ill-fitting and can interfere with your breathing and your speech. When you have a custom-made sports guard, however, your athletic performance won’t be interrupted and your teeth will be better protected than they would be with a store-bought mouth guard.

Protect Your Teeth from Sports Related Injuries

Whatever sport you play and whatever your age, you can benefit from a sports guard. Whether you are involved in a high contact sport in which you risk getting hit or a lower contact sport in which you might simply trip or otherwise injure yourself, a mouth guard can prevent serious and painful injuries to your teeth. Losing a tooth in a sports accident is not only extremely painful, it can also be quite expensive to repair. Plus, when you have your knocked out teeth replaced, there’s the chance that your dentist might not be able to exactly match the color of your natural teeth. All in all, you’re much better off making the small upfront investment in a professional grade sports guard.

In addition to helping you protect your smile during sports and other activities, the Newport Beach dentists at Brite Clean Smiles can provide you with a healthier, brighter smile. When you call to schedule an appointment at our Costa Mesa dental office, you’ll get to enjoy the benefits of a thorough teeth cleaning and oral health exam without any of the stress or discomfort of visiting a typical dentist’s office. Experience the difference that Brite Clean Smiles can offer by calling 949-777-1005 to schedule your next appointment today.

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