Keeping Your Smile Beautiful For Life.

No one likes going to the dentist. There are scary tools, strange noises, weird smells, and the fear of painful procedures. At Brite Clean Smiles, you don’t have to endure any of that. Save yourself and your children the unpleasant experience of going to a typical dentist without sacrificing your oral health by visiting us instead.

At Brite Clean Smiles, we perform thorough dental checkup on patients of ALL ages. With all of the in-depth diagnostic services of a typical dental practice, Brite Clean Smiles can help you maintain the health of your mouth and prevent oral diseases before they become hazardous to your health. We can also provide you with fair and unbiased quotes for any additional dental procedures that you may need. Because we don’t do any major dental work in-house, you can rest assured that with us, your teeth are being cared for by dental professionals who have no agenda beyond giving you the best care possible. At Brite Clean Smiles, your oral health and the beauty of your smile come first.

Thorough Exams, Healthy Smiles

From the comfort and convenience of our dental office, our patients receive thorough dental exams that are tailored to their specific dental concerns. After taking any necessary dental x-rays and providing you with a thorough teeth cleaning, our dentist will perform an in-depth exam that will include:

  • Visual examination of any tooth decay
  • Evaluation of your gum health
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Examination of your x-rays for hidden decay, cysts, or tumors
  • Examination of your current dental restorations including fillings, dental implants and veneers

With services for adults and children, you can keep your mouth healthy and clean with regular dental examinations. In many cases, simply polishing away built-up plaque and tartar on your teeth during your cleaning (along with proper care at home) is enough to prevent gum disease and reduce your risk of tooth decay. But if we determine that your teeth need a little extra care, we can refer you to a dentist that we trust along with a quote for what you can reasonably expect to pay.

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