Newport Beach Dental Office

Brite Clean Smiles is the smart choice for dentists in Newport Beach. We take a very different approach to the standard dentist appointment. Here, you won’t have to spend over an hour sitting in a stuffy waiting room, you won’t be subjected to the awful smells and sounds of a typical dentist office, and you won’t have to experience the stress of watching your dentist pick up a scary looking drill or trying to upsell you on treatments that you do not need.

Brite Clean Smiles is a new kind of Newport Beach dentist. At our practice, we perform thorough teeth cleanings, teeth whitening services, and other basic dental procedures in an environment that is relaxing and as low stress as possible. We don’t use any glaring overhead lights, we don’t have any drills lying around, and we won’t make you feel uncomfortable. Our philosophy is that if people feel relaxed and calm, they’ll be much more likely to make their next dentist appointment and stay on top of their oral health.

With our excellent teeth cleaning and dental exams, you can receive all of the preventative treatment that you need to help keep your mouth healthy and your smile shining. Plus, if we discover that you do have a significant dental concern, we can refer you to someone in our trusted network of Newport Beach dentists to have your procedure completed.

Teeth Cleaning and Oral Health Exam

At Brite Clean Smiles, you can enjoy a teeth cleaning performed by a professional dental hygienists that will leave your smile instantly brighter and your teeth noticeably healthier. Our dentists will also perform an oral health exam to make sure that your gums, teeth, and mouth are healthy. Because we don’t perform any major dental procedures in-house, you can be sure that if one of our dentists recommends a dental procedure, it’s in your best interest — not in the interest of our bottom line. Our dentists are happy to work with patients age 4 and up.

Professional Teeth Whitening Services

If you find that brushing and flossing isn’t enough to make your smile as bright as you would like, Brite Clean Smiles also offers comprehensive teeth whitening services. When you visit our Newport Beach cosmetic dentist, you’ll leave with a brighter, whiter smile in just one hour. Our teeth whitening services are safe and effective, giving patients the confidence they need to shine their brightest on that next big date or in that upcoming meeting.

X-rays, Sports Guards, and Night Guards

In addition to standard teeth cleaning and whitening services, Brite Clean Smiles also offers an array of simple dental procedures such as custom-fitted sports guards, custom night guards, oral cancer screenings, and dental x-rays. If you’re interested in a dental procedure that we do not offer, we can always provide you with a quote for how much you can expect to pay for that service elsewhere. We also offer second opinions for patients who are unsure if they need dental work that has been recommended by a different dentist.

Whether you’re due for a checkup or several years overdue, Brite Clean Smiles is the perfect choice for a Newport Beach dental office. Come experience the Brite Clean Smiles difference and see just how relaxing a trip to a dentist in Newport Beach can be.