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Brite Clean Smiles is the perfect choice for dental exams and teeth whitening in Irvine, CA. Unlike a traditional Irvine dental office, Brite Clean Smiles offers comprehensive preventative oral health care without any of the stress or discomfort of a trip to a standard dentist office.

The difference at Brite Clean Smiles is that we don’t perform any major dental procedures in-house. This means that when you visit our Irvine dentists, you’ll experience a thorough teeth cleaning and top-quality exam without the sound of drills, the smell of chemicals, or the sight of bright lights and panicked patients. Instead, you’ll enjoy a modern and soothing environment in which dental professionals offer quality cleaning and whitening services using modern dental tools that cause minimal discomfort and allow for maximum relaxation.  When you visit our office, you can sit back without having to worry about a sales pitch or being upsold on dental treatments that you don’t really need.

Professional Teeth Whitening in Irvine

In addition to comprehensive teeth cleaning and oral exam services, our dentists also offer tooth whitening in Irvine. Our Irvine teeth whitening professionals are experts at whitening teeth to a natural, healthy, and even shade. The boost in confidence that you’ll receive from just one teeth whitening appointment will give you the edge that you need for that upcoming date or your next big meeting. Our cosmetic dentists use the latest procedures to whiten your teeth safely and effectively over the course of about one hour.

Brite Clean Smiles’ Irvine dentists also offer basic dental procedures such as custom-fitted night guards, oral cancer screenings, dental x-rays, custom sports guards, and more. Because we don’t perform major dental work at our Irvine dental office, we can also provide patients with second opinion consultations. If you’ve gone to a different dentist and feel that he or she has tried to talk you into a procedure that you don’t need, you can trust us to provide you with a reasonable and unbiased assessment of your actual oral health needs. If we find that you do require additional dental work, our dentist in Irvine will provide you with a quote for how much you can reasonably expect to pay for the necessary procedure.

Whether you’re interested in a routine cleaning or in teeth whitening in Irvine, Brite Clean Smiles is the premier choice for all of your preventative oral health care needs. Here you can enjoy a relaxed and stress-free environment while making the responsible decision of caring for your oral health. Brite Clean Smiles is also a great choice for families with children who are afraid to go to the dentist. Our dentists are happy to see patients from the age of four and up, and can provide the cleaning and exam that your kids need while giving them a positive view of dental care.

Make the smart choice for your teeth and for your own comfort by calling 949-777-1005 today to schedule your next appointment. We look forward to the chance to help you smile more brightly!

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