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If you’re looking for a great experience for a thorough teeth cleaning, teeth whitening or a dental checkup free from any sales pitches, look no further than the dental professionals at Brite Clean Smiles. At our friendly and welcoming office, we offer all of the essential teeth cleaning and teeth whitening services that you need in the comfort and convenience of a non-traditional Costa Mesa dental office.

Our dental practice is different from any other dentist that you have visited. Here, we don’t have any scary dental drills, harsh lights, strange sounds, and we won’t make you feel pressured to receive any services that you don’t need. This is because at Brite Clean Smiles we simply offer teeth whitening and teeth cleaning services as well as a few other basic dental treatments such as custom fitted night guards and sports guards.

When you visit us, you can receive a thorough teeth cleaning and an assessment of your oral health without any of the stress or pain that is typically associated with a visit to the dentist. Here you won’t have to deal with bright overhead lights being shined in your face, the odd smells of chemicals and drilling, or the stress of being poked and prodded. Our advanced dental tools will make your teeth cleaning as relaxing as possible.

If during your appointment we find that you could benefit from further dental procedures, we can provide you with a fair and reasonable quote for what you can expect to pay for those services from a different dentist in Costa Mesa. Because we don’t perform any major dental procedures in-house, you can be sure that any work that we recommend is dental work that you could truly benefit from, and that the quote that we provide you with is reasonable. In fact, our quotes include two columns — one for what you can expect to pay at the high-end, and one at the low — so you can make the most informed decisions regarding your oral health.

Committed to Your Oral Health

At Brite Clean Smiles, our primary concerns are your comfort, oral health, and satisfaction. Our dentists in Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Irvine & Santa Ana are highly experienced and skilled at working with both children and adults. Whether you are afraid of visiting a typical dentist or simply don’t like the discomfort and stress of a typical dental office visit, our dental practice is the ideal choice for you. Our practice accepts most major insurance carriers and allows for easy scheduling for new patients. Visit us instead of your regular dentist for a teeth cleaning that you can actually look forward to.

Whether you need a routine cleaning, a teeth whitening procedure, or would like an unbiased second opinion regarding recommended dental work, our dentists can fill your oral health needs in an environment that is relaxing and comfortable. You’ll save time and limit your stress when you make an appointment with Brite Clean Smiles.  Call 949-777-1005 now to make the smart choice for your oral health. Your smile will thank you.

Keeping Your Smile Beautiful For Life.