Children’s Sealants

Sealants for Children

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Children’s teeth are particularly prone to decay, causing many children to require fillings. This is partially because children aren’t always the best at keeping their teeth clean and partially because the natural grooves and crevices in children’s back molars can be particularly hard to keep clean. These chewing surfaces are usually the first area to decay, and children frequently need fillings in their back teeth.

One easy step that you can take to help prevent cavities in your school-age children is to take them to your dentist for children’s sealants.

A sealant is a thin plastic material that your dentist paints on to your children’s back teeth. When this material dries, it bonds to tooth enamel, creating a clear or tooth-colored layer over the back teeth that essentially seals the crevices and grooves found naturally on molars. By covering up these tricky areas that often trap food particles and germs, sealants protect your children’s molars from decay.

Types of Sealants for Children

There are two types of sealants for children, and one of our Costa Mesa family dentists can help you determine which would be best for your child. The first option is a fissure sealant. This sealant can be placed on children who have their permanent molars — usually children between the ages of six and seven — and is painted on the teeth. The thin plastic coating created by a fissure sealant lasts for five to ten years, helping prevent cavities in your children’s back teeth during the years when they are most at risk.

Another option is fluoride varnish. This type of sealant contains fluoride, a substance that protects teeth and helps strengthen enamel. The main difference between a fluoride varnish and a fissure sealant is that fluoride varnish needs to be painted on every six months at your child’s dental appointment. The main benefit of using fluoride varnish over fissure sealant is that fluoride varnish can be applied to baby teeth as well as adult teeth.

While a sealant is an important tool to help fight decay in your children’s teeth, sealants don’t protect against decay in front teeth, between teeth, or along the gum line. That’s why, even with sealants, it’s extremely important to teach your children proper brushing and flossing habits and to take them into your Costa Mesa dental office at least every six months for regular checkups and cleanings.  Our dentists can answer all of your questions about children’s sealants and perform the simple procedure of placing sealants in our comfortable and conveniently located office.

Bringing your child to Brite Clean Smiles will not only improve your child’s oral health but will also give them a positive opinion of dentist’s offices. This is because our office does not contain any scary dental tools or have the frightening sounds and smells of typical dental practices. Here your child will feel relaxed while receiving top-quality oral care.  To learn more, call 949-777-1005 today to make your child’s appointment.