Children Dental Services

children dental services

Keeping Your Smile Beautiful For Life.

A trip to the dentist’s office can be particularly frightening for children. All those drills and strange noises as well as the odd smells and bright lights can make for a very stressful experience.

Instead of putting your child through all of that, make an appointment with Brite Clean Smiles. Here we treat children over the age of four, providing them with teeth cleaning and routine dental examinations without the stress of a typical dentist’s office. Your children can get their x-rays, receive children’s sealants, get a sport guard or a night guard, and monitor their oral health from the comfort of a relaxing room, free of drills and needles.

If by chance your child does need a cavity filled or some other dental procedure, we can provide you with a referral to a trusted dentist along with a quote for how much you should reasonably expect to pay. Because we don’t perform major dental procedures within our office, you can be sure that were not recommending anything we don’t think your child actually needs.

You may be thinking, Wouldn’t I save time by just taking my child to a dentist who could perform procedures right then and there? But when you think about it, when is the last time you went to a dentist who performed an additional dental procedure on the same day that they diagnosed it? This simply doesn’t happen. So why put your child through the stress of visiting a typical dentist when you don’t have to? At Brite Clean Smiles, your child’s comfort comes first.